Nov 05 2014

United Nations Environmental Youth Action Initiative (UNEYAI)

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The world today is greatly and intensely worrying; yet, full of the most extra-ordinary promise for the future. It is also a world awash with great change, marked by deep and untold conflict, tensions and social division that amount to societal dissolution as well as by the destructive onslaught of modern technology on the natural environment and yet, the possibility of controlling and managing our destiny and shaping our lives for the better that would have been unimaginable to earlier generation.

Our climate and/or the environment is changing and nations around the globe are experiencing such instantaneous and dramatic change caused by environment problems. Today, the world is been poised by environmental threats, air and water pollution, the creation of waste that cannot be disposed of in their short-term or recognized, the depletion of resources that cannot be replenished, deforestation, and human fragmentation, the loss of soil fertility, a dramatic decline and loss of biodiversity, unban sprawls, over population etc, etc are major contemporary social issues that impaired and impede the environment.

These environmental problems have hindered some nations from making extension progress with regard to agricultural gains/advancement, and socio-economic development. Due to the detrimental impact of the aforementioned, there is a need to continue to expand, broaden, raise awareness, sensitization and provide environmental related educational programs to orientate the larger society on how to manage and preserve the environment.

Based on these triggering concerns, the United Nations Environmental Youth Action Initiative (UNEYAI) is stemmed and spurred by an enthusiastic passion to envision basic environmental education/programs that will increase the society knowledge and broaden their horizons on issues associated with the environment, as well as the challenges attach and thereby develop the skill and expertise of communities members and the general public through training, awareness, outreach programs, advocacy etc in order to manage and preserve the environment fostering their attitudes, and commitments in making informed and responsible decisions.

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  1. byersjoeon 05 Nov 2014 at 5:41 pm

    In order to implement change we must work with our youth in educating them in the importance of preserving our environment through the use of Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Design. This is the intent of the AWEC Village of Hope “Joe Dome” Solar/Wind/OPV/OLED/Sustainable/Habitat (SWOOSH) Project. A future Renewable Energy Center of Excellence that is focused on education of youth around the world. A design that has been accepted as a Model Design for implementation in West Africa’s Niger Delta. International Project Manager- Chief Uwa Osimiri, PhD has committed 100 hectares of land in Nkporo, Nigeria for this very special and unique project that will be repeated throughout the continent of Africa to educate our youth. r/ Joe Byers- Inventor/Designer and President of Pleasant Valley Energy, LLC and Vice President of the Human Relief Organization International

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