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The Human Relief Organization is pleased to provide many global projects, and we invite you to make a formal request for assistance at any time using this procedure. Due to the many requests we receive, we are only able to evaluate projects submitted appropriately as instructed here.

FIRST, it is important for us to let you know the (3) specific assistances that are

available to you through the Human Relief Organization:

  1. With a global network of partners and suppliers, you may request for physical items to donate such as medical supplies, clothing etc.
  2. Our partnership with USAID and the Denton Program allows us in the transporting of physical supplies between most US located global destinations.
  3. 3. HRO can provide access to a specialized team of professional long term facility projects. This is a fantastic options that gives access to the full benefit of our diplomatic and partner network minimal staff costs can be built into your project budget.

SECOND, it is important for us to let you know what we do not provide:

Our long term facility projects are very project specific. Many organizations search

for funding and assistance knock on our door. Any projects take under our umbrella requires a 3 year minimum program, and HRO support costs submitted in tandem with the overall project. We cannot grant writing services for any project not under our umbrella, or organization or contributing financially to the support of our grant writing. HRO gives you much greater access to potential funding sources, but not without your contributing to the process.

How the Evaluation Process Works….

Requests for one time or ongoing physical item donations is matter the HRO Staff

putting out the call to its network to attempt to acquire we have requested. We will

surely do our best to assist you if we can. For long term facility programs to be a

“designated” HRO project, you will provide us with some specific items so that we

can evaluate how we can assist you. The more detail you give us, the better chance

we can fit your vast network of ongoing possibilities!

ü     Project Proposal- Please provide us with a 1 page description of your project/facility.

ü     Fact Sheet-Give us the details of your organizations status and we need to know if this program/project is in response to (documented) request from a government agency.

ü     Support Information- What support, donations, land, and facility partnerships have you already acquired to achieve your goals?

ü     Operating Budget- Every project has a combination of one term ongoing operating costs. We require that you submit this 3 year program budget to the best of your ability. This helps us to see if you understand the critical understanding of the long term requirements necessary to achieve your goals.

ü     Curriculum/Program Plan- Whether you are a medical, education, or housing facility you will need to have an appropriate program plan, curriculum, staff position descriptions, etc.

ü     Funding Target List- We will surely consider and assist with identifying potential funding sources for our Designated Projects, but we will need a team. Please provide any specific Funding targets for your program you have already indentified.

ü      Physical Item List- Break down your needs so that you provide a physical item list of materials. Do you need specific school items, computers, hospital beds, and x-ray machine, etc?

If you are panicking after reading this list and thinking to yourself, “I do all of this and that’s why I’m calling on HRO… because I need the assistance first to put these things together!!!” Just do your best and indicate for the above that you do not yet have this piece figured out. Then be ready to give you the information letting you know how much it will cost the HRO Staff to assist you in putting this project together should we select working forward with you. We understand the needs of the “funding sources” well planned project prior to any contributions being made, and we solidifying strong planning foundations.

We believe in balanced partnerships that serve all participants. This will include multiple nonprofit organizations, governments and corporations working together to serve. Having HRO as you anchor organization and core team for a project is an incredible asset. We are honored to have the opportunity to consider your project. Please submit all your documents to HRO. Only complete packages submitted to us will be considered. If you have any questions regarding you submission, please contact Olga Crupper, President of the Human Relief Organization at We encourage you to review the Project Hope example, the way to better understand how an HRO team would function in assistance with a long term project. Though yours neither may nor include the entire example described for a Project Hope Facility, it will give you an excellent example.

Grant Writing tools for Non-Profit Organizations


Successful grant-writing involves solid advance planning and preparation. It takes

time to coordinate your planning and research, organize, write and package your

proposal, submit your proposal to the funder, and follow-up. Preparation (planning

and research) is vital to the grant-writing process. Solid preliminary work will

simplify the writing stage. A well-written proposal follows the basic steps outlined

below. Organize your proposal, pay attention to detail and specifications, use concise, persuasive writing, and request reasonable funding. Make sure the grant maker’s goals and objectives match your grant seeking purposes. Clearly understand the grant maker’s guidelines before you write your proposal. Always follow the exact specifications of the grant makers in their applications, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and guidelines.

Use these basic steps to guide you:

  1. Prove that you have a significant need or problem in your proposal.
  2. Deliver an answer to the need or solution to the problem, based on experience, ability, logic, and imagination throughout you proposal.
  3. Reflect planning, research and vision throughout you planning.
  4. Research grant makers, including funding purposes and priorities, and applicant eligibility.
  5. Determine whether the grant maker’s goals and objectives match your eligibility.
  6. Target your proposal to grant makers appropriate to your field and project, but do not limit your funding request to one source.
  7. Contact the grant maker; before you write your proposal, to be sure you clearly understand the grant maker’s guidelines.
  8. Present your proposal to the appropriate and complete format, and include all required attachments.
  9. State clearly and concisely your organizations needs and objectives. Write well; use proper grammar and correct spelling. Prepare an interesting, unique proposal.

10. Always cover the following important criteria: project purpose, feasibility, community need, funds needed, applicant accountability and competence.

11. Answer these questions: Who are you? How do you qualify? What do you want?    What problem will you address and how? Who will benefit and how? What specific objectives will you accomplish and how? How will you measure your results? How does your funding request comply with the grant maker’s purpose, goals and objectives?

12.  Demonstrate project logic and outcome, impact of funds and community support.

13. Allows follow the exact specifications of the grant makers in their applications, Request for Proposals (RFP) and guidelines.

14. Contact the grant maker about the status, evaluation, and outcome of your proposal, after it is submitted. Request feedback about your proposal’s strengths and weaknesses.




The Baxter International Foundation grants_program/index.html

The Allen Foundation


Habitat for Humanity

Art (media):

The Fleishhacker Foundation



United States Department of Agriculture:

National Institute of Food and Agriculture


The Human Relief Organization mission is to provide medical assistance, education, food, clothing and a message of hope to the less fortunate countries around the world.  HRO is a nonpolitical, non-denominational entity founded in 1994 as a non-profit (501C)(3), tax exempt, international relief organization which arranges a variety of support for the needy of the world. (EIN#: 54-1703803)


IGirl with Kidsmplementation of the HRO Mission

Affidavits for recipient nations to acquire needed resources are first obtained through diplomatic channels here and abroad in order for recipient nations to sanction and support HRO activities in their respective countries. The relationship of HRO with the US Department of Defense is one which involves diplomatic channels and those military organizations serving the military’s need for logistical coordination of resources directed through the Pentagon and shipped via local Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines logistical assets. Since incorporation. HRO programs are jointly administered through the State Department (DOS), Department of Defense (DOD), and the US Agency for International Development (USAIDS). HRO is also registered with the Department of Agriculture (DOA) for permission to obtain and use solicitation authorizations in obtaining products and resources controlled by it. HRO enjoys a working relationship with the Denton Program within USAIDS, which provides the logistical assets to transport hospital beds and medical material to the countries listed below.


 About the Founder


olgas_bio_pic.jpgMs. Olga Crupper has spent the last 12 years facilitating the delivery of aide to poverty-stricken regions in more than 30 countries through her use of diplomatic and organizational channels around the world.  Originally born in Guatemala City, Ms. Crupper was educated in Europe and speaks 6 languages.  Being a missionary at heart, she began by leading “missions” and making deliveries herself, then accepting assistance from volunteers who were dedicated to serving humanity.  In the last 6 years her efforts have become recognized by some of the largest Organizations in the world, who have collaborated on innumerable projects in the delivery of medical supplies & treatment, food, clothing, etc.  Today the Human Relief Organization is known for it’s hands-on-guaranteed-delivery facilitation whose focus is primarily to assist those in need.


The Countries HRO Supports


  • Guatemala
  • Panama
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • El Salvador
  • Bosnia
  • Tanzania
  • Armenia
  • Mexico
  • Georgia-Russia
  • Afghanistan
  • United States of America


Human Relief Organization

Board of Directors

Olga Crupper, President/Executive Director

46 Towler Drive, Hampton, VA 23666

Tel: 757-838-1749

Charles J. Byers, Vice-President

63 Buckingham Ave

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Tel: 845-452-3538

Anabeth Rios, Secretary/Treasurer

Newport News, VA

Tel: 757-503-0840


Chris Jacobson, Vice-President-Hampton
36 N Mallory St Old Phoebus
Hampton, VA 23663
Tel. 757-723-5663

D.C. Amarasinge, M.D., Chairman, Board of Directors, Norfolk, VA

6204 North Military Hwy, Norfolk, VA 23518

Luis F. Ignacio, M.D., Chairman, Board of Directors, Chesapeake, VA

1206 Fairway Dr, Chesapeake, VA 23320

Tel: 757-549-0663

Jonathan Pratt, Director of Technology & Communications

Tel: 607-743-9545

Bryan Landrum, Chairman, Board of Directors, Hampton, VA

Old Point National Bank

PO Box 7220, Hampton, VA

Tel: 757-728-1741

Rosemarie Moorhead, Director of Events and Fundraising

President, The Woman’s Alliance

5369 Challedon Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Tel: 757-499-8811

Hunter Clarke, Event and Fundraising

Spirit of America Band Director & BC Productions

Tel: 757-722-4644


Clinton Hardy, Board Member

JTC LifeChanging Center, Inc.

2811 Roanoke Ave

Newport News. VA 23607

Tel: 757-723-4244

Mario Comparini, Board Member

101 Dover Dr.

Ruther Glen, VA 22546



Wright Aloba, Board Member

2208 Executive Drive, Suite B

Hampton, VA 23666

Tel: 757-826-6136

Dr. Sivatanu Pillai, Board Members

285-53 Merrimac Trail

Williamsburg, VA 23185

Tel: ( 757) 229-3828

Steve Hinton-Susie Culp Program Manager

Elmer Back Gifting Center ph 757-596-2601

95 Tyler Avenue Units F and G – Newport News,VA 23601

International Advisory Board

Rick Sieller, President & Founder
International Women and Children’s Burn Foundation
P.O. Box 66515, Virginia Beach, VA 23466
Tel. 757-292-9288

Brownwell O. Ezeribe/Africa

CEO, Igbo Common Cause Inc.

International Director of Education, Health & Technology

4300 Town Plaza Dr

Suite A-6

Houston, TX 77045

Tel: 713-885-3849

Alfonso Comparini

Executive Director & President HRO Guatemala, Agriculture Specialist

22 Av. 27-68, Zone 5, Guatemala City, Guatemala CA

Tel: (011) 5052-332-7873

Vivian Pellas, Chairman, Board of Directors, Managua

CEO / Aproquen /

Tel: (011-05) 278-3169


Sonya Melescu , Board Member International Advisory Board


340-513-3973 (USA)

Alice Ignacio M.D., Operations, Philippines

1206 Fairway Dr

Chesapeake, VA 23320

Tel: 757-328-5065

Shaista Mushtaq, Country Director, HRO – Pakistan Country Office

Islambad, Pakistan

Tel: 92-304-9546661

Robert E. Stephens Board Member

1851 Cherry Grove Road, N

Suffolk, Virginia 23432

Tel: 757-255-4060-Fax: 757-255-4061


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