Nov 05 2014

HRO Humanitarian Support Reaches HO Diocese of Ghana Jun 2015

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Special thanks to the Funded Releif Transportation.

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  1. byersjoeon 05 Nov 2014 at 5:41 pm

    In order to implement change we must work with our youth in educating them in the importance of preserving our environment through the use of Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Design. This is the intent of the AWEC Village of Hope “Joe Dome” Solar/Wind/OPV/OLED/Sustainable/Habitat (SWOOSH) Project. A future Renewable Energy Center of Excellence that is focused on education of youth around the world. A design that has been accepted as a Model Design for implementation in West Africa’s Niger Delta. International Project Manager- Chief Uwa Osimiri, PhD has committed 100 hectares of land in Nkporo, Nigeria for this very special and unique project that will be repeated throughout the continent of Africa to educate our youth. r/ Joe Byers- Inventor/Designer and President of Pleasant Valley Energy, LLC and Vice President of the Human Relief Organization International

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