HRO 16 May 2015 Board Meeting Notes

Minutes of Organizational Meeting of the HRO Board of Directors

The Second Quarterly meeting was held on May 16, 2015 at the office of the Human Relief
Organization. Olga Crupper acted as chairperson of the meeting, Bryan Landrum, Joe Byers 9by
Phone), Chris Jacobson, Eva Francis and Clinton Hardy.
Agenda Topics

? HRO’s Bread Program is ongoing thanks to Rev. Clinton Hardy working with “Oasis”
? HRO/International working in Costa Rica with Kathia Montez, HRO/International representative.
? Dr. Cecilia Wilkerson and her husband, the Rev. Clinton Hardy, run the JTC Life Changing Center
in Newport News. The center offers free community programs including counseling, GED preparation
and meals. Rev. Clinton Hardy guides and motivates individuals to do the right thing, motivates and
creates a “Can do it” attitude, and influence ways to remove a negative “I can’t do it” attitude.
He helps to spread the message around the Tidewater area, minister a positive outlook to the
ex-offenders and families and considers helping the east end section of Newport News, VA. They need
furniture donations, beds and also computers.
? UNEYAI and HRO Vice President Charles (Joe) Byers, LCDR USN (Ret) working together. With Dr.Uwa
Osimiri, Founder of AWEC, also The HRO Donation to Ghana
? 1200 foot container, The HA 4592 Funded Transportation Program already gone, thanks to HRO/Vice
President Joe Byers.
? HRO, welcome a new member, Eva Marie Francis, with a 30plus years in a varriety of
? Clinical and business operations development environments with demonstratted succsses

? Anthony D. Gosine contacted the Government of Panama and Engineer Itzel Torres to work with the
Funded Solar Powered Pumps.
? HRO had a discuss and much more. Having more space will allow him to help better the needy
? Chris Jacobson, Hampton Roads Vice President support humanitarian, local and veteran issues ,
assist with HRO Funding streams like Hospice Care, with Victoria Station Venue
? We have an invititaion with The Hispanic Chamber of Comerce for “Nuestra Feria”, June
6th 2015 at Redwing Park, Virginia Beach, VA

Having no further issues to discuss, the board adjourned at 11: 30 am.
Bryan Landrum Olga Crupper

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