HRO 1st Qtr 2016 Board Meeting Agenda

Board Meeting Agenda
February 20, 2016

I. HRO is working with Project Hope Costa Rica Kathia Montez.Medical and Dental Ministries has been started in Costa Rica. The ministry has the desire to bring hope to the four billion people in the world who are living without basic healthcare needs.

II. Joe Byers, President & Founder of Pleasant Valley Energy, LLC working together the “Joe Dome Concept” for Central America

III. Sri Lanka Burn Victim Rehab Program had a very successful first year treating over 750 adults in the burn rehabilitation clinic.

IV. Hope Sewing Center had their graduation on May 15, 2014 The training program was developed for women and girls to learn different skills in order to earn a livelihood.

V. Pastor Jose Padilla of Inglesia Cristiana Rios de Agua Viva in Virginia Beach, VA is willing to help the people and community in Iquitos, Peru.

VI. HRO is continuing to work with Ken Carter Director of Environmental Services from Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center with donations of medical supplies.

VII. Chris Jacobson, Vice President of Hampton Roads is planning a fundraiser for HRO programs.

VIII. HRO is continuing to work with JTC LifeChanging Center with Clinton Hardy

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