Dieme Cosmetic Partnership

Award-winning Senegalese inventor Ndieme Ndao has been developing her cosmetic line since 1997.  Much of her product is derived from 100% Shea Butter with no chemical ingredients and she has collaborated with 2000 African women to provide the raw material.  Mrs. Ndao has a vision to help the hungry and support the advancement of African women in particular.   

HRO has decided to partner with Dieme Cosmetic in this humanitarian endeavor and will be involved in various aspects so as to provide aid and assistance to those in need.

The Manchester Clinic of Plastic Surgery has been over 70,000 patients and performed nineteen thousand surgeries since opening. Dr. Manchester’s before and after photos have been selected to be featured on The Consumer Guide to Cosmetic Surgery, a website providing comprehensive Cosmetic Preocedures information.

Title: Plastic Surgery San Diego

Description: Surgical as well as non-surgical plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery at a top of the line clinic in San Diego.


For additional information on this effort, please visit the website (French) www.karitediema.com

K&D Dieme Cosmetique  /  karitediema@hotmail.com 

10 Avenue ds Libelullas  /  1219 Chatelaine  /  Tel: 0041-22-796-2381

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