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Dear Olga,


You come to the end of a year, and you say, “Wow.”


That went by fast. But a lot happened.


You made your mark. Children’s lives have changed dramatically this year, through your support of Orphan Helpers. We look at them today, and think back to their lives just one year ago, and we thank God for YOU. Because God used your love to transform these forgotten children.


Your love was expressed firsthand, in person, face-to-face, heart-to-heart, through our staff and interns and volunteers. People like Kara Conaway, from Pittsburgh. She gave the children a whole year of her life, as an Orphan Helpers intern in Honduras … a full-time on-site volunteer!


Kara lived and worked with the teenage girls in the Torrech Home, our halfway home in Tegucigalpa. It was “a huge leap of faith for me,” Kara remembers. “I had never been there, and I didn’t know anyone.”


But she went. “God had a plan to transform my life,” she says now, “and I’m so thankful He put me there.”


The girls had all lived in government orphanages. Now Kara had the opportunity to help them grow in their faith, receive an education, and “regain some normalcy.” She implemented an “incentives program” to encourage positive behavior. Over time, she and the girls grew close.

“I never expected to leave Honduras with 10 ‘little sisters.’ However, during the past year, they have become a part of my family and I love them with all of my heart.”


That’s what can happen in a year! Your love touched the lives of 2,171 “little sisters” and “little brothers” through Orphan Helpers this year. As 2011 draws to a close, we can see the powerful effect of God’s love expressed through your generosity.


We can also see the costs. Friends like you have been generous, but at the moment, we are not prepared to balance our ministry books by the final day of the year. Actually, we’ll need $81,000 in these last 31 days.


There’s good news, though….


A family has come together to offer us a $25,000 Matching Gift.


Any gift you give today, up to the total of the Matching Gift, will be matched dollar for dollar, its impact literally doubled.


And this will enable us to move into the New Year with full capability for ministering to the orphans in our care. No lapses, no backing off, no suspension of programs.


(There’s also a new way to support the children – through non-cash gifts through iDonate.

Click Here for Details…)


Who knows what God will do in the lives of the orphans in the coming year? Our commitment is to be there for them … representing your compassion, and expressing the love of a Heavenly Father every single day … all year long.


Please let me hear from you quickly. Thank you! God bless you!





GG Signature


Greg Garrett



P.S. Kara gave the children a year of her life, but it was as much a blessing to her as to the children. I believe as you bless the children, through your generosity today, you’ll be just as blessed as they are.


Please give as generously as you can, and let the Matching Gift double the impact of your love.

Thanks again.




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