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Volunteering for Medical Ministries in Costa Rica, serving with us will change your life and the ones you touch.  There are many ways to support Medical Ministries in our medical mission to bring help to the poor. It takes all kinds of help; and people, each with a different set of skills. There is a need for both medical and non-medical volunteers.

When you think of medical ministries, imagine what it would take to run a small city. There are volunteer positions in a variety of areas including: dentists, doctors, nurses, but also everything in between. Our volunteer opportunities are both long and short-term.

  • Short-term can volunteer from two weeks to two years depending on the position, and typically fill service roles or other very specialized medical positions.
  • Long-term an initial commitment of two years, and typically fill positions that require more continuity and training.

All of volunteers are required to provide/raise their own funds to cover housing, food, insurance, and transportation to and from the service location.

The Challenge

Medical Ministries give doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers the opportunity “to help people” in the way they dreamed of when they were kids. Medical Ministries desires to bring hope to the four billion people in the world who live without basic healthcare services.

Volunteers for medical missions are true heroes to those in need.

Some medical missions require previous international health experience or fluency in the local language. Ingenuity is always required because medical supplies, equipment, and medicine will be in short supply. The greatest requirement for a medical mission, however, is a sincere desire to put your skills to use in a region in desperate need of your services.

We also seek medical personnel for emergency situations and general assignments. Emergency response professionals are needed to be “on call” to mobilize on short notice for disaster relief assignments that can range in duration of 2-8 weeks. General medical missions provide care and training in areas such as maternal and childcare, HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, primary care, mental health, nutrition and agriculture, and sanitation and hygiene.

To Volunteer or Donate Resources:
Contact Kathia Montes: at 86361403

Please specify your experience and/or resources so we can talk about the best ways you can help out.

HRO International is partnering with me with this ministry in the following way: if you decide to send some economic support to the Medical Ministry here in Costa Rica, you can send it to the HRO International office and they will send you back a tax deductible receipt. You have to write in a separate note: (Donation to Costa Rica Project: Kathia Montes Salas) HRO will send the money to me and I will use it in the general ministry fund, or how you have specified to me to use the financial gift in an email.  None of the donations go to my personal support unless indicated by the giver. Please do not write my name on the check.

Methods of Financial Contributions Accepted: By mail: Check, Cash or Money Order

Money Donations Using Western Union, Bank Of America, or PayPal, please let us know

We welcome inquiries, requests for assistance, as well as donations.  We invite you to contact us however is convenient for you either via fax, postal, email or telephone. Telephone: 757-838-1749, FAX: 757-838-1749

Send Mail To: HRO; 46 Towler Drive; Hampton, VA; 2366; USA

You can find our newsletter at the Website:

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