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 Global to Local

       With its roots well established in Virginia and the Tidewater, HRO is an international, humanitarian, tax exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to the relief of human suffering among underprivileged peoples, whether locally or in the world. HRO’s policies, programs and practices are based on core values which declare that the needs of humanity are best served by supporting those conditions and activities that integrate service to body, mind and spirit. By acting on such values, beneficiaries can be brought from a state of helpless dependence to one of personal and community independence and empowerment.

            By virtue of its Chapter, HRO serves as a link to bring together those individuals, corporations, institutions and other entities that are possessed of essential resources and good will so as to provide relief and empowerment to those beneficiary individuals, non-profit corporations, institutions and other entities who lack resources, knowledge and skills, and who are limited in obtaining the fundamental necessities for a nominal quality of life. Such necessities include shelter, health, sustenance, clothing, education and a viable spiritual consciousness, and the local infrastructure that acquires, creates, maintains and distributes these resources and empowers their local community. 

This HRO is locally linked with over 14 churches whose members have generously provided support in the forms of funds, medical, clothing, equipment and other resources and especially their precious time. For example, HRO is helping Hampton Ecumenical Lodgings and Provisions (H.E.L.P) provide many of their clients with personal care items, and clothing, assistance for the homeless, the hungry and the Women’s Shelter, and those in medical need. Neighbors Helping Neighbors from the Foodbank of the Virginia Peninsula is a program that HRO distributes food every Wednesday to from the HRO Office. So, HRO was awarded by them The Catherine Gale Outreach Program Award which recognizes an exceptional outreach program in the year 2005. The Human Relief Organization is also working with the JTC LifeChanging Center to help Computer Literacy, GED Preparation, After School Program, Tutorial, Parenting, Career Seeking Skills, and Overcoming Hopelessness (Counseling). HRO was also involved with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Hampton Roads with the Community Gardens Program that meet many critical needs at many levels, the food raised in the gardens are of great nutritional value for the children and their personal experience.


Community organizations throughout Hampton Roads enjoy a working relationship with HRO through a variety of programs including but not limited to:

  • Western Tidewater Free Clinic
    -Offering Health and Hope to Western Tidewater’s Uninsured
    -Serves Communities of Franklin, Isle of Wight, Southampton, & Suffolk
    P.O. Box 1707
    Suffolk, VA 23439
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  • HELP, Inc. – (Hampton Ecumenical Lodgings & Provisions) provides assistance to the homeless, youth programs, etc.  (John Johnson, President, 757-850-8956)
  • Newport News Community Gardens Project – provides an entrepreneurial and nutritional program for youth through the Boys & Girls Club.  (Fredrick Watson, 757-245-5635)
  • Neighbor Helping Neighbor – Food Bank of Virginia/the Peninsula(757-596-7188)
  • Advocates for Seniors Well-Being a donation-based organization dedicated to uplifting and assisting the Seniors of Hampton Roads. (Ms. Marvis Pounds, PO Box 7434, Hampton, VA 23666, (757) 838-0339

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